#IndyWales Hacathon 6th May

Want to do something practical for IndyWales but not sure what?  Or full of ideas and need a bit of company and encouragement to crack on?  Got a great idea for developing a resource to inform, educate, persuade, or challenge ideas about independence?  Want to start a blog but not sure how?  Or keep meaning to comment on all those other blogs and podcasts?  Want to fix Wales’ under-representation on Wikipedia?

Let’s do it!

There will be a “hackathon” style even in Swansea on the 6th May where you can get involved in any and all of the above and more.  Bring your IT, bring your ideas and skills and knowledge and let’s create great stuff together!

You can get yourself a place by sticking you name down on either the Tocyn.Cymru booking page or the YesCymru Abertawe Facebook event depending on your platform of choice!  Even if you’re thinking “maybe” please do stick your name down – there’s plenty of space and it’ll help me assess interest!

Venue to be determined once we’ve discussed funding and investigated a few options.

A few questions you might have…

What’s a hackathon?
A hackathon is a collaborative event where a group of likeminded people get together to MAKE STUFF.  Many have a technology theme but not all. Often they’re focussed around solving particular problems – like maybe collecting compiling and presenting data to counteract that “but isn’t Wales too/small/poor/weak to be independant” line, or people are free to work together or on individual projects in a supportive atmosphere.
Do I have to be a techy person?
Nope!  Some people will want to tackle specifically IT tasks with data and wiki editing but just as important are people who can write content which persuades or simply adds their own point of view.


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