Why a Hackathon? Reason 1: Wikipedia

Wales according to Wikipedia

Industrial development from the mid 18th century was stimulated by the arrival of English entrepreneurs.


Merthyr Tydfil and Neath Port Talbot have some of the largest proportions of people in the UK not working due to long-term illness or disability, though some believe that in reality many people classified as “unable to work” through sickness are low-skilled workers encouraged to exit the labour market by the benefits system

Although looking at the edit history one sees that the contributions to this page have not always been entirely reliable in any case… 😉


Add to that the fact that almost all the stats referred to are years out of data (Labour market info from 2000, GVA from 2008 and in some cases the references to them are broken links, and you start to see why I’m keen to put together a hackathon to do things like get this article more up to date and representative of the facts!

Meanwhile over the main Wales page no ones seems to know exactly what the Welsh Secretary actually does


…And the Talk Page, where edits are discussed, is largely taken up with a row about whether Wales is in fact a “country” or not.  (Currently Team “Country” are leading with the sidebar box stating “country”)

So coverage is not great – the independance debate is going to need accurate information and for better or worse Wikipedia is the first port of call for many people and always ranks highly in search results.

So it needs to be better.  One task it would be great to tackle on the 6th May Hackathon is to collate and add some more recent, properly referenced figures.

To that end YesCymru Abertawe have started an additional Facebook group for information gathering.

Meantime if you’re planning to come to the Hackthon please let us know on either the Facebook event or Tocyn.Cymru – we’d love to have you there – whether techy or not – we need info gatherers as well as updaters and there’ll be lots of other things going on as well!


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