Why a Hackathon? Reason 2: Visual Data

People respond to images.

“Welsh votes hardly ever make a difference to English election outcomes” is a plain fact – but the images on IndyMam’s recent blog makes the fact far, far more stark and striking.


“Wales under Westminster is one of the poorest countries in Europe” is a dry fact, albeit it an emotive one.  Putting that fact on a visual map as YesCymru did recently brings it to life.



The Yes campaign in Scotland also featured many infographics.  I like this one on “Scotland Has Got What it Takes“.

One of the things we will be doing at the Hackathon is demonstrating some easy tools to create this kind of infographic for Wales with some straightforward and free tools such as Piktochart.


So if you’re planning to come to the Hackthon on 6th May which will take place in Tŷ Tawe please let us know on either the Facebook event or Tocyn.Cymru – we’d love to have you there – whether techy or not – we need info gatherers as well as updaters and there’ll be lots of other things going on as well!


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