Hackathon: What to Expect, What to Bring

So this Saturday, 6th May, is the Yes Cymru Abertawe #IndyWales Hacathon and I thought I’d just update a few bits of information if people are still wondering what to expect.

Finding us

The event is in the Tŷ Tawe Welsh Centre in Swansea (Map) and we’ll be starting out on the top floor (“the roof”).  The building houses the Welsh language and craft shop and has a whopping great Welsh Dragon on the external wall – you can’t miss it!  Entrance via the shop, or the side door, then up the stairs all the way to the top.

Food and Drink

From 10-12 in the morning the Siop Siarad Welsh language social group runs a coffee shop in the bar on the ground floor – feel free to support them if you want a coffee!

“Ga i goffi” works well for the non Welsh speakers! 😉

We’ll have coffee/tea/snacks available through the day.

We’re doing this minus any sort of budget so people will need to sort their own lunch – I’ll be taking names / cash in the morning if people want to do a mass sandwhich order ready to be collected at lunchtime.


There’s wifi in the venue but if you have a good data plan that’s worth bearing in mind too – it’s not a specialist IT site by any means.  I’ll have my phone data plan as a back up to tether too in case of techy probs.

Language / Iaith

Mae Cymru yn gwlad ddwyieithog felly bydd yn hollol iawn i gyfrannu mewn Cymraeg neu’n Saesneg!

Welsh or English equally welcome – we’re a bilingual nation!

Stuff to bring



Your own IT devices, phones, laptops, tablets, whatevers…

We’ll have paper, pens, paper, flipcharts, etc and at least one spare netbook.

See you soon!

(And if you haven’t let us know you’re coming please do stick your name down on either the Tocyn.Cymru booking page or the YesCymru Abertawe Facebook event depending on your platform of choice!  Even if you’re thinking “maybe” please do stick your name down – there’s plenty of space and it’ll help me assess interest!)


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